Already have training courses in place?…How do you know you are doing enough?


asthma_childLocal sports club “x” is brilliant at providing their volunteer coaches “coaching courses” on how to provide fun and skill level sports programs predominantly for their 6- 10 year old teams. The coach is then teaching his/her junior team by himself/herself and a kid has an asthma attack.

  • Are there policies and procedures in place stating that the coach bring their first aid kit to the training session?
  •  Is the coach aware of all the participants medical conditions or is it left on the enrolment form he/she never sees?
  •  Do they have emergency contact numbers with them?
  • Is there a list for the minimum amount of equipment required for their first aid kit?
  • Is there policies in place about re-stocking to its minimum content?
  • Is the coach first aid qualified and know what to do?
  • Has a risk assessment been done for the training session and can it be used as a form of evidence if it goes to court?