A unique consultancy that works with sport and community organisations to identify and facilitate the best outcomes for them and their community by supporting management focus, their systems and exploring any procedural and training gaps.

Our mission for Sport and Recreation Management Services (SRMS) is to:

  • yvetteCOLLABORATE with sport and community organisations to identify areas of potential growth and improvement.
  • EDUCATE staff, volunteers and participants through collaboration and training pathways with various training companies, to contextualise training programs to suit individual and organisational needs.
  • EMPOWER organisation’s, staff, volunteers and participant’s by providing personal and organisational development as well as greater customer and staff satisfaction.


Benefits to the company

  • Staff Development
  • Transition planning
  • Training requirements for minimum qualifications e.g. First aid and CPR
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Staff retention
  • An experienced trainer/facilitator to oversee the training process and help mentor staff to achieve competency
  • Minimal costs involved for individualised training plans.


Benefits to staff / sports person

  • Develop new knowledge and skills
  • Individualised training plan
  • Training is contextualised to their work where possible
  • Flexibility of training to fit around their sport and/or work schedules