With over 20 years of experience, this consultancy brings to you a well established Sports and Community Management knowledge base which can provide valuable insight into the organisation’s operations assisting in growth of the business and increased community involvement.

How can we make your life a little easier?

Risk management is very important in sport, recreation and community groups.

There is an innate risk in the majority of the activities that are run by and within your clubs, companies and organisation’s.

  • Is your company or association doing enough to fulfill their duty of care?
  • Are your staff appropriately qualified?
  • Are there enough procedures and training in place to demonstrate that you have fulfilled your duty of care for any “foreseeable risks”?
  • Is there ongoing training for your staff that is fun and empowering, rather than just boring and obligatory?
  • Are you so busy putting out fires that you do not have time to do fire training?
  • Are you spending money on travel and accommodation costs for staff to do courses that can be done at your work placeAre you spending money on various courses for your staff and not knowing what real significance it can have on benefiting your organisation?

Sport and Recreation Management Services (SRMS) can be the answer to your questions!

From a training perspective the consultancy offers a unique approach to businesses and sporting/community organisations, acting as the conduit and facilitator between registered training organisations and companies/organisations to help provide individualised training programs, ultimately educating and empowering staff to a level that aids staff/player career development and satisfaction.

Who do we work with?

SRMS can work with your Human Resource staff,  Training Managers and Player Welfare Managers to organise appropriate course bundles that are specialised and tailored for your organisation, including your risk management obligations.

Why work with us?

  • Extended networks within the training industry
  • Customised training courses specific to your organisation/company.
  • Provides reports to your organisation/company on tracking your staff progress with courses.
  • Lessen the burden of staff who are keeping track of professional development of staff.
  • We collaborate with you by listening and working with you to provide appropriate courses
  • We truly want to help your staff get educated and feel empowered.
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